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Hi James,

If this type of behavior from her is not normal, it is important to think back to your past interactions with her.

Has she shown some romantic interest in you in the past?

Perhaps during a time that she wasn’t with her current boyfriend?

If she has, she may be using the fact that she is about to break up with her boyfriend as her opportunity to reignite the attraction that she may have shown towards you in the past.

If she is texting you a lot more than normal and has never suggested drinking alcohol at your home until now, there is a good chance that she may want to engage in some form of intimacy with you. Yes, that can include sex.

However, try not to get too excited about what is currently happening.

She may actually not follow through with it.

If she is yet to break up with her boyfriend, she could change her mind and decide to stay with him anyway.

Hence, it is best that you don’t allow yourself to become too emotionally attached to what she is doing at the moment.

It may simply be something that she is doing because she is unhappy about something to do with her relationship with her boyfriend.

That sentiment may change if her boyfriend suddenly starts making her happy again.

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