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Hi Fellipe,

If she just broke up with her boyfriend on Saturday, it is best to give her some space when it comes to romance.

Even if she said that she feels better, that may only be a temporary feeling.

If she actually cared about her boyfriend, it may take a little longer for her to fully heal from the breakup.

At this time, it is best to avoid pursuing her with romantic intent.

You can greet her on Tuesday and be polite. Perhaps engage in lighthearted conversation with her but try not to engage in romantic or flirtatious conversation.

Again, give her some time and space from anything romantic in nature at this time.

She will normally indicate that she is fully recovered from the breakup when you notice that she is being very social with people and going out to social events more and more often with friends or acquaintances.

This often lets you know that she is now open to meeting someone new.

This would be your opportunity to start pursuing her on more of a romantic basis.

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