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Hi Tracey,

His intention may have been to get your attention.

Indeed, he may find you attractive. He did tell you that he has dated older women.

However, he may not have had any real objective beyond getting your attention.

Even if he has written and performed a romantic song that relates to you or used keywords and phrases in his music videos on IG to secretly speak to you, it is unlikely that he has a true plan as far as romance is concerned.

Being that he is constantly on tour, he may think about you from time to time and feel good doing so.

As a result, he may feel the need to write something creative that relates to you as he is naturally an artist and this is often how artists express themselves.

However, it is unlikely that he has any intention to want to date you or get into a real relationship with you.

Being that he is a busy artist, he will often try to think about people that make him feel good so as to be reminded of home or just have some respite from all of the traveling and performing.

You may simply be one of possibly several women that he brings to mind to help him relax, but nothing more.

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