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Hi Priska,

1. He is most likely not waiting in order to lose all feeling for you so that he can meet up without any emotional attachments. You both dated for a little over 1.5 years and had an amicable breakup. There may still be a part of him that wants to treasure the best parts of the relationship being that it appears to have been quite a good relationship while it lasted. Hence, he may actually not want to lose his emotional attachments to you because doing so would mean that he won’t be able to reflect and take enjoyment in the good times that you both had during your 1.5 year relationship.

2. Indeed, there may be another girl that he is trying to get. However, he may not necessarily think that meeting with you will distract him. He may be more so worried that this other girl may somehow find out about this meeting and that could jeopardize his chances with her.

3. If he graduated with a masters in April and still doesn’t have a job, yes, he may be more focused on getting one above anything else at this time. However, this doesn’t mean that he isn’t open to dating. He may not necessarily be open to getting into a relationship that causes deep emotional attachments at this time. However, he may still be open to just dating around or talking to women, even if he may not have a job at the moment.

4. He may actually be waiting to meet up with you because he is still trying to see whether he would prefer being single at this time. He was with you for a little over 1.5 years. There may be a part of him that is actually relishing his freedom to some extent at this time. Hence, he may simply want to discover if he can actually be happy just being single. He may have told you that he “prefers to wait now” because he still wants to see if he can handle life being single without the responsibility of being in a long-term relationship. So far, he may still not have reached the point where he misses you so badly that he wants to see you. He may get to that point or he may not. This may be what he is testing out. Until he knows for certain, he may choose to continue procrastinating on meeting you.

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