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Hi Luce,

He doesn’t seem to want to be in a committed relationship anymore.

He doesn’t want to have to deal with the responsibilities that come with being in a committed relationship, particularly when it comes to appeasing or satisfying your emotions.

When you sent him that angry short message because you believed that he was playing with you, that may have been the moment where he decided that it was time to break away from you.

There is a sense of pressure that he does feel when it comes to being in a relationship with you.

The pressure may have been there for a while, even before the family issues arose.

What you can do in your current position is to continue giving him space.

Live your life fully.

Appear as though you are happy in your life as opposed to constantly thinking about him all the time.

As long as you are consistent in doing this and make sure that you don’t initiate contact with him, there is a chance that he may come to miss you and contact you.

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