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Dear Luke, thank you very much for your long, detailed answers. I will tell what happened.

She came to my home and we were a little shy at first. After a couple of shots we became dizzy and started to get close and started to kissing passionately. I was shocked because I wasn’t really expecting it. She asked me silly questions and said “after all these years you wanted it too”. I wanted to go more and she pressed my head into her chest. I did not go for more because I did not wanted to be the guy who “uses advantage of alcohol” And after some minutes she felt bad about her stomach and went for puking. When she came to herself she said she did not remember anything but puking and asked me if I am remembering something or not. I said yes. And she is always saying I dont remember a thing all the time when we talk about drinking alcohol. She is looking forward drinking another time too.

Do you think she does not remember because she is shy?

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