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Hi Verna,

It must truly be frustrating when you are finding it hard to attract the right kind of men for you.

If your friends find it so easy to get men to direct message them on Instagram, it may be to your benefit to talk to your friends about what they are doing.

Perhaps, they will be able to give you some tips.

Now, the reason why the right kind of men aren’t approaching you when you go out may be due to your body language.

If you have negative or uninviting body language, many men, especially men around your age of 27 will feel intimidated to approach you.

The older men in their 50’s and 60’s will approach you anyway because they have a lot of life experience and just don’t feel like they have anything to lose.

However, if you want to attract guys around your age, you should ensure that your body language is more inviting when you go out.

Smile constantly, make eye contact and keep your body loose.

In other words, try not to stiffen up when you go out by crossing your arms across your chest or keeping your posture very immobile or wooden.

Be animated when you talk, move your hands and your body.

Also, make sure that you break away from your friends and be alone for certain periods of time when you go out.

Many younger men are intimidated to approach a woman when she is in a crowd of her friends or even with just one friend.

Go off someplace else in the location and just hang there alone for a little while.

Maintain positive body language throughout.

Make eye contact and smile at men who may be looking in your direction.

If you do this right and often, you will dramatically increase the likelihood that a man will approach you.

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