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Hi Noemi,

The guy that you are talking to is being mean and ignoring you because he knows that there is a part of you that wants more out of this interaction.

He knows that you may even already be emotionally invested in him and he really doesn’t want to get to that point with you.

So far, he has demonstrated that he only wants to have a casual non-committed relationship with you.

This is why he tends to ignore your texts for hours or days.

He told you that he has never been good with girls.

What he meant by telling you this is, he is not the kind of guy who commits.

More than likely, girls that he has dated in the past have wanted to get into a relationship with him and he has never been the kind to want to stay in a committed relationship.

He is worried that if he were to allow himself to see you more and text you more and respond to your texts more frequently and punctually, you would start developing the sense that this interaction is headed towards a committed relationship.

As a result, he holds himself back from getting too close to you so that you don’t develop these kind of expectations and you don’t develop emotional feelings for him that are just too deep.

This is also why he can be mean and ignore you at times.

He just doesn’t want the relationship to get to a point where you start feeling comfortable and think that something more substantial is going to come out of it.

He snapchatted you just recently as though nothing had even happened between the both of you because he doesn’t want to let go of his connection with you.

In other words, he still wants to be able to interact with you whenever he chooses without the pressure of feeling as though he has to be more than just a guy that you see from time to time.

In other words, he wants to keep this relationship on his own terms.

Hence, he can be mean to you one minute by sending you a rude text and the next minute, he can snapchat you as though nothing happened.

If you want a committed relationship out of this interaction, this is not the right guy.

He has made it clear that he worries that if the both of you see each other all the time, you’ll catch feelings and then get hurt.

Hence, he already knows that he would not be a good candidate for you in terms of a committed relationship partner.

As long as you are a willing participant in his game, he will continue to have these moments where he’s mean to you or ignores you that are then followed up with him sending you a message as though nothing happened.

However, if you actually want to be in a committed relationship with a guy, continuing to communicate with this particular guy may not be the best idea.

He would be too much of a mental block that would keep your mind from opening itself up to someone else.

You have to decide whether you want to remain in his life or not.

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