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Hi Brad,

A major problem may be that you are not having a sufficient amount of conversations with women when online dating.

Also, you may not necessarily be on a dating site that works best for you.

The dating site that you are using, Plenty Of Fish, may not fit your personality or what you may even be looking for in a relationship.

After all, you have been using it for three years.

This is why it is often a good idea to be using multiple dating apps or be on multiple online dating sites at the same time, at least initially.

This way, you can determine which dating site works best for you.

Fake accounts on online dating sites are a major problem.

You are not the only one who receives messages from fake accounts.

It’s always a good idea to report these fake accounts to Plenty Of Fish whenever you receive messages from them.

They will most likely remove the fake account. This helps in reducing the amount of messages that you receive from accounts like this.

If you are finding it difficult to get replies to the messages that you send to women on the dating site that you are using, you should start writing better messages.

One of the most effective ways to write a good first message is to ask an open-ended question about something that the woman wrote in great detail and with a lot of passion in her dating profile.

This is how you can start a conversation on a dating site.

Asking her a relevant open-ended question is often what will inspire or motivate her to respond to your message.

There will always be women who won’t reply to your messages regardless of what you write.

Try not to take this personally.

Just make sure that you are sending thoughtful and substantive messages to as many women of interest as you can when you are using a dating site.

Being that you have only had one to two conversations with women on Plenty Of Fish, it is not surprising that you have never gotten a date.

You will need to engage with a lot more women on a dating site in order for you to increase the chances of getting a date.

Online dating is a numbers game.

The more women that you engage with, the higher the likelihood that you will get a date.

Instead of wondering whether perhaps you are the problem because of all of the success that other guys seem to have on dating sites, focus more so on your strategy.

Join multiple dating apps or dating sites at a time, at least three.

Start sending relevant open-ended questions as your first email to women of interest.

Work on making sure that you have very effective photos on your dating profile that showcase your personality and lifestyle.

Report fake accounts to the dating site.

Try making these changes and hopefully, your luck will change when it comes to online dating.

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