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Hi Brad,

It would be a good idea to get these women that you like from Facebook and Instagram to notice you first.

If you want to get to know them, merely messaging them is most likely not going to be very effective.

Trying to find a girlfriend through Facebook and Instagram is not the best way to go about trying to find one.

You will be in competition with lots of other guys that are trying to get their attention and being that they don’t know you, the likelihood that they will ignore your message or request is very strong.

Hence why, you will need to get them to notice you first if you want to have the highest probability of getting to know them.

This means that you should start following who they follow and model your Facebook and Instagram accounts around topics that they are passionate about.

This is often how they will find you.

If you show similar interests in what you post on your Facebook and Instagram accounts, and you have really eye-catching posts, there is a chance that they will either come across your account or become aware of you through a friend or follower.

Once they start liking your posts and pics, you would have their attention.

This is when you will have the opportunity to open up conversation with them.

This strategy dramatically increases the likelihood that they will respond to you.

Unfortunately, it also requires several months of build up and even then, there are no absolute guarantees that they will discover you.

However, it is still a better strategy than simply sending these two women who don’t know you some random messages in the hopes that they take an interest in getting to know you.

All in all, trying to meet girls that you don’t know through Facebook and Instagram or some form of social media is not often the most rewarding way to go about meeting girls.

If you want something faster and more rewarding, it would be best to focus on either trying online dating or meeting girls in real life.

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