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Hi Brad,

A way that you can go about approaching a woman of interest at a metal concert would be to ask her for her top five favorite metal bands.

This is a great way to open up a conversation with her and give yourself an opportunity to relate to her.

If she were to mention some bands that you have some kind of history with or affinity for, you could use your knowledge about the bands to forge more of a connection with her.

You could share information with her about those bands that she may not even be familiar with.

This further increases the likelihood that you could connect with her.

Establishing that initial connection is often what will make a woman feel more relaxed and open to continuing the conversation, thereby giving yourself more of an opportunity to keep relating to her.

Dating someone who isn’t into the same kind of music that you are into is not necessarily a problem.

Even though the both of you may not be into the same kind of music, you could still connect on other commonalities.

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