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Oh thanks, that makes sense, but i don’t really know what to think, because as i’ve mentioned before, we have this friend in common, is her best friend, he always jokes with her with a lot of things, but there are some that picked up my attention like saying to her “your crush” and then laughed when they passed near me, a few days before her birthday “what you want for your birthday is not something material, is something that is in this classroom right? gift yourself a boyfriend ” or ” the guy doesn’t even have a girlfriend” all of these in the context of jokes, and of course they could be talking about anyone, but i don’t think that’s the case because she doesn’t even interact with the majority of the class. And I would discard her being worried about me detesting her because even though she rejected me, i’ve always treated her in a nice/friendly way, whenever she needed help with something like a homework for example, i’ve helped her, in other words, I’ve never treated her in a bad way or said something that may hurt hurt her. So i don’t really know what to think, do you think it would be a good idea to invite her to hang out? to take away my doubt.Thanks

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