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Hi Mo,

His ex girlfriend may stalk you and want to know if are in contact with him because she hasn’t gotten over him.

She may also want to gauge just how serious your relationship with him is and whether it goes beyond the fitness center.

In other words, she may have befriended you because she wanted to discover if the both of you have more than a fitness coach and student relationship.

She may be worried that you are both into each other romantically.

He is willing to continue coaching you even though he moved out of state because he likes the fact that he can have that separation.

He has told you in the past that he doesn’t believe in relationships.

Guys like this will not mind getting involved in a long distance fling because they know that the distance gives them some cover.

They don’t have to worry as much about the girl suddenly showing up at their door with a bunch of complaints about why she is being ignored or ghosted.

He seems to have developed a physical attraction towards you.

You did mention that you have never felt or looked better.

Hence, you have become more physically attractive since he started coaching you.

Also, he may feel a sense of ownership over your success.

After all, he has bragged to people about the things that you are able to achieve.

He feels that he is a big reason why you have achieved really good results with your workouts.

Hence, there is a part of him that is also territorial when it comes to you.

When there is a combination of physical attraction and territorial ownership, a guy can show signs of interest towards a woman.

However, he is a busy person and he has moved out of state.

If he were to start any kind of relationship with you, it would be strictly casual or sexual in nature.

This is how he would want to keep it.

He may not have had the best experience with his ex girlfriend.

After all, she is currently stalking you.

His experience with her may have been a big part of his current reasoning when it comes to relationships.

As he told you, he simply doesn’t believe in them.

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