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Hi Mo,

Yes, you never seem attracted to any man that you meet because to some extent you have really gotten used to being on your own for the last five years since your divorce.

Oftentimes, when people are away from the dating scene for that long, they can develop a sense of independence that makes them uneasy about allowing someone back into their life in a romantic capacity.

It can actually be quite scary.

They have gotten used to only having to worry about themselves and their children for that time frame.

So now that they are considering dating again, opening themselves up to a romantic prospect can be scary.

The control that they have gotten used to having for the length of time in which they haven’t been dating could be jeopardized if they allow themselves to open up to someone new.

If you truly believe that you want to start dating again, it is best to approach it with more of a lighthearted mindset.

Yes, it’s a good idea to practice dating.

This means that, to start off with, it’s best to just go out on dates with several people and have fun.

Get back into the groove of what it is like to chat, laugh and flirt with someone without any expectations of what may come out of it.

Again, just have fun.

The more dates that you go on with different guys and a lighthearted approach, the higher the likelihood that you will start to understand what it is that you need in order to be truly attracted to a guy.

This discovery alone could be what opens you up to actually allowing romance to come back into your life after all this time.

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