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Hi HM,

You didn’t respond to the last question that I answered.

In order for me to keep answering your questions, you have to respond to the answers that I give you.

Also, always make sure that you write a proper title to your question that addresses your issue.

Do not use one word titles.

At this time, this particular guy that you are dating long distance is more concerned with his new business than he is with you.

His new business has taken priority over everything else.

As far as he is concerned, when you complain about his lack of communication, you are the one who is being difficult and demanding.

The more that you complain, the more he feels warranted in being disrespectful towards you.

That is why he hung up on you and followed that up by calling you crazy.

Yes, you should definitely take some steps back.

You have been the one who constantly reaches out to him by texting him first.

You need to stop that.

If he calls or texts you, you shouldn’t respond to it.

You should avoid answering his calls and texts for at least a week.

He needs to understand that there are consequences to his rude and insensitive behavior.

This is also how you give him a taste of his own behavior.

He has gotten used to the fact that you are always the one who texts him first.

When he notices that you are not taking his calls or responding to his texts, it will put him in a state of fear and confusion.

This is where you will gain the upper hand by getting him to panic.

He will start frantically trying to reach out to you.

Again, you should give it at least a week before choosing to respond to him.

When you do and he asks you about why you haven’t been responding to his calls or texts, just tell him that you have been busy.

Let him do most of the talking and end the conversation relatively quickly.

From this point on, you should make sure that he is the one who is doing all the contacting for a while.

This is how you will get him to start investing in this relationship.

This kind of investment will make him start feeling like there are true stakes in this relationship.

Your value to him will rise.

He will understand you a lot better and become fearful of losing you.

This will cause him to make positive changes in his behavior over time which would include improving the way he goes about communicating with you.

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