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Hi Kazo_realy,

Asking you about when next you would be able to have a study date with her may indicate that she wants to see you on a more one on one basis.

If the both of you are constantly flirting whenever you see each other, there may be a degree of mutual attraction between the both of you.

Now, all of this doesn’t necessarily mean that she likes you.

She may not entirely know how she feels about you right now.

On the one hand, she values having you as a study date so that you can teach her because she thinks you are smart.

On the other hand, she may feel a degree of attraction towards you.

She may actually not be entirely certain about whether she likes you romantically or not.

When a girl is at a stage where she isn’t entirely sure whether she likes a guy romantically or more as a friend, you shouldn’t allow too much time to elapse without taking any decisive action to win her over to you in a romantic sense.

This is why it would be best to ask her out on a real date as soon as you can.

If you keep going on study dates with her, you could risk falling into the friend zone with her over time.

This is not a good place to be if you like this girl romantically.

You don’t want her to get so comfortable with you that she only starts seeing you as her smart friend and nothing more.

If you ask her out on a real date, you will give her the opportunity to figure out whether she likes you enough to entertain the possibility of dating you or being in a romantic relationship with you.

The sooner she figures this out, the better for the both of you.

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