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Hi Cor,

Yes, by telling you, “You just have to hit me up,” he was implying that you need to reach out to him first to hear from him or hang out with him.

Unfortunately, as suspected, he is just not all that interested.

He will be game to hang out with you on occasion.

However, he isn’t invested in getting to know you and developing a deeper emotional bond.

You should not allow yourself to do all the work.

If a guy is not willing to put in the work to court you, you are just not that important to him.

If you fall into the trap of hitting him up all the time or most of the time, he will not have any real investment in the interaction.

This will make it too easy for him to be very hot and cold throughout the interaction until he starts ignoring you entirely due to boredom or complacency.

This kind of effort just wouldn’t be worth your time.

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