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Hi Noemi,

It’s best not to keep trying so hard. All that does with most guys is push them away.

Going home to Canada may have affected how he looked at his relationship with you.

Perhaps in having that time away from you as well as possibly other influences, he came to the conclusion that he wasn’t ready to follow through on so much that he had promised before leaving for Canada.

He has unfriended you on Facebook and Instagram because he has noticed how hard you have been trying to maintain what the both of you had before he left for Canada.

Again, over pursuing in this way with a guy will often turn the guy off.

You shouldn’t text him when he gets back asking if he is free. You would be trying too hard and this only leads to pushing the guy even further away.

Even though you think that you both need to talk, let him be the one to reach out to you first.

If this was a temporary change of heart due in some capacity to something that he experienced in Canada, that may reverse when he returns.

However, you have to let him reach out to you first in order to increase the likelihood that this relationship can be salvaged.

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