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I shouldn’t contact him at all anymore and pretend he doesn’t exist or that our relationship just suddenly stopped with no explanation?
I took it really personal when he unfollowed me on Instagram especially because that’s the main social media everyone uses. I haven’t unfollowed him on Instagram, and he still hasn’t deleted me off Snapchat, not sure if he just hasn’t gotten to it yet.
I have spent this whole break waiting and excited for him to get back so we could pick back up from where we left off. I’m not sure why someone would treat a person so badly, what he’s done is horrible and I try telling myself he’s an awful person. I understand people can change their feelings and whatnot, but this is definitely not the way to go about it. Completely cutting me out of your life and ignoring me, when nothing has even happened. I was never told he had changed his mind nor did he ever tell me, in fact he said quite the opposite all the time. I was only nice to him and trusting. He practically begged me to let him in my life cause he wanted me so bad, so him acting like this is super personal and hurts really bad.
Thank you for yours advice it really helps.
I would love to talk with him as like I said I feel like we need to, but as you mentioned I do not want him to push me further than he’s already done. Even though I don’t know what the next step is? He already unfriended me off Facebook, unfollowed me on Instagram so what’s really next? What more can he do

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