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Hi Marquita,

Thank you and I am glad that the videos have been helpful.

The very first time that you saw him and he gave you that intense look as if he could see inside of you would indicate that he felt a strong sexual attraction towards you.

He keeps asking you these random questions because he may be trying to figure out whether the both of you are sexually compatible.

He is not necessarily looking for verbal answers to these questions per se. He is more so interested in how your body and voice responds to the questions.

Again, he may be trying to figure out whether there is any real sexual chemistry. He knows that simply finding you to be attractive doesn’t necessarily mean that the both of you would be sexually compatible.

In observing your body language and listening to the tone of your voice whenever he asks these random questions, he is hoping that he will be able to get a better understanding about the chemistry that may or may not be there.

So, there is interest on his part in terms of trying to figure this out. He may not have reached the point where he actually likes you wholeheartedly. He is still fishing for sexual chemistry.

It may be best to avoid approaching or giving him your number at this point in time.

If he isn’t feeling the right kind of chemistry with you, it is unlikely he will use the number even if you were to give it to him.

Instead, be as open with your body language as you can without being too overzealous in showing him that you are attracted to him as well.

Try getting close to him when the both of you chat. Lean into him. Brush against him as you walk past. Look him up and down from time to time. Open your lips slightly when you chat with him. Lick them every so often as you chat with him.

These are all very strong body language signs of interest without being too overbearing about it. This is the kind of body language that would stimulate him.

It is most likely what he is looking for, thereby why he keeps asking you these random questions that don’t really seem to go anywhere.

Again, he is looking for sexual chemistry.

From the first moment that he laid eyes on you with that intense look that felt as if he could see inside of you, he was setting the tone for this interaction.

It is sexual in nature.

Don’t worry too much about what you should say to him. He just wants you to react to what he is saying more so than to have you engage in long-winded conversations with him.

Stay upbeat and just let him lead the conversations. Again, the idea here is not to come off as too overzealous.

If you were to prematurely read too much into how he has been behaving towards you and assume that you now have license to blabber on whenever he is around, you could ruin the momentum and take away his interest.

He wants to be in control of how this interplay is initiated and it would be wise to leave that to him. Simply focus on how you respond and your body language.

Try not to get carried away with expectations.

He is still feeling you out for sexual chemistry. He may or may not ultimately decide that there is compatibility.

Hence, it is best not to get your hopes up regardless of how attractive he is. So, let things play out naturally without trying to force things to happen.

You are not missing anything here as far as his attraction towards you. Feeling his eyes on you the moment you walk out your door would indicate that there is a lot of sexual tension in his end.

Just play along. That is all you should be doing.

Based on how you respond to him, he may ultimately reach the point where he feels that there is either compatibility or a lack thereof. If he feels that there is compatibility, he may choose to further this interaction by either asking for your number or asking you out.

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