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Hi William,

Being that she knows that you like her, she may nervously walk around you because she is unsure about whether you will try to make a move on her when she is near you.

The fact that she tends to look away really quickly when you stare at her may indicate that she is shy. She may not be confident enough to look at you in the eye.

This may also be why she tends to avoid initiating eye contact altogether.

This kind of shy behavior could indicate that she is a girl that likes you.

However, if her behavior isn’t caused by shyness but more so disdain, she may not like you at all. If this is the case, all of this behavior may be a reflection of unease.

That unease could be caused by a worry that you may try to approach her and she may not want that.

Since this particular situation could go either way, the only way to know for sure that she likes you may require that you talk to her.

Stop trying to look for signs from her that encourage you to approach her.

Just approach her and start a conversation. You will learn very soon after that whether there is truly any romantic potential between the both of you.

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