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It was July 12, 2018 when I saw my crush drive by when I was looking at him through the window as he drove by and he saw me with my teenage 16 year old son who is tall who looks like a man already.On July 30,2018 an hour after my crush posted WHAT’S UP BUD,the girl who he ended up giving my flowers too put a new profile pic of herself on her facebook. MY CRUSH WAS NEVER FRIENDS WITH MY CRUSH ON F.B. AND THEY WERE NEVER LISTED AS BEING IN A RELATIONSHIP ANYPLACE.On July 30,2018 My crush’s facebook friend said to my crush on f.b. WHATS UP BUD, My crush replied NOT MUCH, HOW ARE YOU DOING? His friend said WORKING WAY TOO MUCH. My crush replied ME TOO, but I know that my crush’s f.b.friend is disabled so this guy doesn’t work anymore. My crush doesn’t hang out with anyone from work at anytime. He goes straight from work to his second job. I found his home phone number on the internet, but since he didn’t give it to me I think he would be mad if I called him. He and I stared at each other from 2014-2016. He got Really Jealous over me when I thanked his coworker who is his best friend at work for helping me find the food item I was looking for that my crush and I both like, and his coworker tried to tell him that I said in my opinion it is the only kind that tastes good and said goodbye to his coworker, and I waved my hand and used the coworkers name. His coworker tried to tell my crush what I said about the food item because that is something me and my crush have in common and the coworker wanted to let my crush know that I like that food too just like my crush. I heard my crush start saying something and getting louder. My crush had his chest pushed out looking like he was going to fight his coworker. Do you know what all of this could mean? Do you think after all these years could I still have a chance to be with my crush? I AM MISSING MY CRUSH SO MUCHSTILL AFTER ALL THESE YEARS!! PLEASE HELP ME!!

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