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Hi Robin,

Try not to get carried away with her at this time. It is best not to make assumptions of who she is without having gone through the process of getting to know her first.

Dating a coworker isn’t always doomed to fail. Many people have had successful romantic relationships with significant others that they initially met at work.

As long as you both understand the necessity to habitually separate your work lives from your private lives, a coworker relationship may work out for you as well.

With an acceptance of this necessity, you should follow your instincts and ask her out.

If you keep procrastinating, you could reach a point where you have made her out to be so amazing in your mind that you become absolutely terrified to ask her out. You would be afraid that if she were to turn you down, all of your amazing dreams about her would come crashing down.

In other words, it will get harder to ask her out the longer that you wait, especially with how smitten you are with her.

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