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Hi Kim,

Given how passionately the both of you kissed and how he followed that up by being the first person to watch your Instagram stories, there is a good chance that he wasn’t being fake.

He may have liked you initially.

However, when he stopped watching your Instagram stories two days before the both of you were supposed to meet. there may have been something that he discovered or experienced in those stories that turned him off.

This may have been why he told you that he wasn’t interested in you when you both met up again.

It is unlikely that he will like you like that again because whatever turned him off will continue being an impediment unless he chooses to talk to you about it at some point, perhaps during one of the filming sessions at your apartment.

However, as long as he is unwilling to talk about it, there is a good chance that he will not come back to the passion that he once shared with you.

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