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Hi Brian,

Thank you and I am glad that the videos have been helpful to you.

Your female coworker may want to determine whether you are someone that can be of financial benefit to her.

She did tell you that she is in a situation for financial reasons.

Also, you did buy her dinner on the first date and drinks at a later date. This may be a situation where she wants to gauge how financially solvent you are and how much of a provider you could be.

In not kissing you, she may have been trying to keep you working to gain her favor. Her refusal was most likely not due to moral reasons even though she told you that she doesn’t kiss or sleep with men that she isn’t in a relationship with.

If she held herself to such high morals, she wouldn’t be in a relationship with someone just for financial reasons nor would she have gone out with a coworker multiple times behind her partner’s back.

It would appear more so that she wants to determine your financial solvency. By not kissing you, she is most likely hoping that you will continue to chase her in order to win her over.

She wants to determine whether you are someone that could conceivably replace her current partner at some point, if you are able to prove your financial solvency to her over time.

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