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Cuma eksen

Hey Luke,
Thanks for your advice.
Well we were supposed to meet up yesterday. But her sister canceled the plans and didn’t reschedule. I feel like I can’t properly date this girl.

She texted me yesterday morning asking me what we would do, so I asked her sister and she told me she couldn’t make it.

I knew this was going to happen, and that’s why I had proposed to grab something to eat and eat it in the car. And that I would drop her at home afterwards. Initially, she agreed but 5 minutes she changed her mind and told me it wasn’t a good idea. (I think she got scared of the idea of being caught by someone) She apologized and told me that I shouldn’t think she doesn’t want to hang out.

I wasn’t mad at all and I didn’t even think like that. I was cool with it.
She continued texting me that day and we were just playful and laughing. One moment when I was at the barber she asked me what I was up to and I told her I just had a fresh haircut. She told me to show her.

I didn’t and told her that if we had hung out that she would have seen it. And maybe it is for the best, because otherwise she would fall in love.
She laughed and told me are you crazy?
I told her last time I checked I wasn’t ;).
Then she told me ‘no no, that’s not going to happen.’

Then we switched from subject. But it seems that sometimes she allows me to flirt with her and sometimes she blocks it. Is this her playing hard to get or?

I barely text her first, she is the one that almost all the time engages the conversations..

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