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Hi Cuma eksen,

In cancelling the date without rescheduling, her sister continues to be an impediment to you being able to properly date this girl.

Again, you may have to set a time limit for this interaction and be careful that you don’t allow yourself to become so caught up in this girl that you find it impossible to disconnect, if indeed things come to that.

It doesn’t seem that she would be the type who would even be aware that she is playing hard to get.

Thereby, the moments that she has flirted with you and the other moments that she has blocked it may simply be reflective of her inexperience when it comes to dating and relationships.

Being that she is very sheltered, she may worry that too much flirting will only lead to a desire to do something with you that she shouldn’t.

This kind of caution may have been something that her parents and family members imbued in her during her upbringing.

She may even develop a conscience that makes her believe that she is doing something that she shouldn’t be if she were to always allow herself to flirt with you.

This may be why she has those moments where she blocks you from flirting with her.

Again, a girl with her lack of experience may have no idea that what she is doing could be interpreted as playing hard to get.

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