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Hi Mike,

Not talking to women at all is very detrimental to getting a girlfriend.

Women like interacting with guys who talk to them and can make conversation.

Many of the guys that you often see with girlfriends either have good to really good social skills or they just constantly put themselves in social environments where they will be seen by girls.

Regardless of whether you are good looking or not, if you don’t try talking to girls or put yourself in social environments, it will be very difficult for you to get a girlfriend.

You may not see many guys who approach women completely cold in an everyday environment, however, there are guys who do. Indeed, these types of guys are normally in the minority.

The majority of guys will normally approach women in comfortable social environments as opposed to the environments that you may frequent as you go about your day to day activities such as on the street, a store, eatery, etc.

A lack of effort is often the difference between the guys who have girlfriends and the guys who don’t.

The guys who have girlfriends often put out the effort to get one and are willing to brave rejection.

The guys who don’t have girlfriends are often unwilling to take a risk to talk to a girl or ask her out due to the fear of rejection. This often means that they will find it difficult to get a girlfriend.

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