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Hi Ernesta,

He doesn’t sound interested.

He has shown a continuous lack of energy and effort to make something happen between the both of you.

From the start, he has shown an unwillingness to follow through on meeting up. He has left it to you to make plans to meet.

A guy who is unwilling to step up and make plans to meet a girl is often a guy who is just not interested enough in the girl.

Since the both of you matched and consequently reconnected on Tinder last week, he has shown the same lackadaisical behavior when it comes to meeting up. For one thing, you were the one who asked to meet up.

Again, this shows a lack of strong interest on his part. To make things worse, after the date was set for Monday, he rescheduled for Tuesday.

He has repeatedly shown in his behavior that he lacks any real interest to see where this could lead.

If he is on Tinder, there is a good chance that there are other girls that he may be meeting or talking to that have a lot more priority to him than you do.

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