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Hi Sheryl,

He may not believe that he is doing anything wrong in having you pay for the next meet up.

He also asked you to pick the next place for that second meet up.

This kind of behavior would seemingly indicate that he wants to have you be more proactive during the early stages of dating.

This may be because he has had some bad experiences in the past where he tried too hard with a romantic prospect and ended up empty-handed.

He did tell you that he has been told that he is too attentive and hence why he would take a while before responding to your messages when the both of you first started talking.

He seems to want to protect himself first and foremost.

When a guy is this concerned about having an equal division of financial responsibility and planning of dates, he is approaching the early stages of dating in a much more militaristic and rigid way.

This will most likely make it difficult for him to open up or be spontaneous because he will always want to be one step ahead of you.

If you don’t want to put yourself through this process, it may be best to let this guy go.

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