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Cuma eksen

Okay so a quick update. We went on a date Tuesday.
Again with a chaperone. But this time she was more touchy and the date went great. There were moments were we would flirt and you could just feel that there was ‘love’ in the air. I’m saying this because her chaperone brought it up when we were making this intense eye contact.
She brought this weird thing up, asking me why if she texted me I would take forever to answer. It doesn’t take forever but sometimes I’m busy. Or I just don’t feel like texting. I’m not a big fan of texting.

Wednesday evening, she asked me if I was feeling sick. So we talked a little and I asked her out again. She agreed for a date on Sunday with chaperone again. I was cool with it.

Untill today, I live in Belgium and we had a health safety measure announced today. All bars, dining rooms, indoor activities will be closed Untill the 3th of April. I was immediately like fuck.

So I text her ‘damn everything is closed’.
She responds ‘yeah, perfect timing hahahhaa’
I say ‘so you didn’t want to come?’
I forgot that we had lost a bet to our chaperone and that we had to pay the bill next time.
She says ‘No, now I don’ t have to pay lol’
I say ‘ohh, I forgot about that.’
She says ‘hahahahhaha yeah that nice, right?’
I say ‘yes, but we can still hangout though..’
She says ‘Nah, I will stay home.’
I say ‘Aight, that’s cool.’

I immediately had the vibe of her that she was happy that it wasn’t going through. And the last thing she said confirmed it.

But now that I’m thinking of it. Maybe she is scared of the Corona virus?

I feel like I’m investing to much in something that is going nowhere. Every time I feel like everything is going well, it is going the opposite way. Like the chaperone was my cousin and after we dropped her off. He was like ‘bro, well done she is falling in love with you’ ‘she kept telling me how cute you were’ and I felt it too. Because she was touching me and being very flirty.

What do you think and what should I do?

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