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Everything may seem like it is going well and then goes the opposite way because she does want to take her time with this interaction.

She is not in any rush.

She does enjoy going out on dates with you. That is why she was touchy and flirty with you on the date on Tuesday.

However, she also knows that the chaperone is there and to an extent she may like that. She knows that with the chaperone there, things won’t get out of hand. She doesn’t want things to move too fast.

Whenever she senses that things may be moving a bit too fast for her liking or comfort, she pulls back.

That was why she told you that she would just stay home when you asked her if she still wanted to hang out after you found out that every possible date venue was shut down until the 3rd of April.

It is unlikely that she was scared of the corona virus.

She is just in no hurry when it comes to the dates. As long as she is able to text you, she is quite happy with that. To some extent, she may even prefer texting over going out on dates with you.

This may be partly the reason why she asked you about why you take forever to answer her texts.

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