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Cuma eksen

Okay so I finally tried it and I got rejected.

She texted me today that she wanted to hang out. We hung out and I went for the kiss and she rejected me.

She told me that she really likes me but something blocks her to go to another level. We all know that it means that she is not interested in me romantically. I told her that I’m not interested in being friends and that I would walk away and never look back.

She started having tears in her eyes and asked me if we still were going to hang out.And I told her no, I have enough friends to hang out.

She told me that she is really confused and that she knows she is making a big mistake by letting me go. I was like well it’s up to you. Let me know if she would change her mind.

I dropped her off and immediately she texted me something irrelevant, I just answered and then let it be.

This girl has been not only sending mixed signals for the past months but she ended up friend zoning me.

Now I wonder was she actually playing me, but yeah life goes on and it is actually her loss. Thanks for your advice BTW!

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