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Hi Urpal,

You should hold off on asking her out for now. The corona virus pandemic has everyone uneasy right now.

If you were to go out with her at this point in time, she may not be particularly comfortable, given the anxious climate that this pandemic has caused.

Given the number of weeks that have gone by without any interaction with you, there is a possibility that she could have lost attraction for you.

However, you would be able to find that out for certain by contacting her and beginning to make conversation.

If she is receptive to you and actively engages in these conversations, there is still a chance that she is attracted to you.

You could start off with asking her about what she did on her trip out of town and just let the conversation progress naturally from there.

The right time to contact her and start making conversation would be now. If you keep waiting, any attraction that she may still have for you could completely vanish.

You could use this time to build some rapport with her through conversation until this corona virus pandemic passes and you can then ask her out on a date.

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