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Hi Hope,

Thank you and I am glad that the videos have helped you.

If you are looking for a serious relationship, you should drop him and stop waiting for him to be ready.

Getting kinda ghosted is just as bad as getting all out ghosted. If anything, it could be worse because it could leave you latching on to the bare minimum in terms of what he gives you as you desperately hope for more in the future.

You don’t really know what he is doing, if anything, to make himself ready to date someone seriously.

If you wait, you could fall into the trap of constantly telling yourself that you are getting closer, when in fact, you aren’t.

If he only texts you when you text him first and often after a week has gone by, he is showing a strong lack of interest in getting to know you and interacting with you.

He may have been a lot more communicative when he was physically around you, but since he returned to school after the Christmas break, his behavior has changed.

His lackluster effort in communicating would indicate that he is a lot more involved in what is happening around him and a lot less willing to maintain a long distance correspondence.

With all of this behavior, waiting on him to be ready would be to your detriment. The long distance makes it that much harder for you to determine whether he is truly working on himself or he is just doing nothing.

It wouldn’t be worth it to take a chance on him, knowing that he may never come around.

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