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Hi llan,

Most women aren’t going to initiate conversation with you.

Try not to expect that simply because you see them talking to other guys.

In many of those cases, the guys were the ones who initiated conversation and the girls have now gotten comfortable talking to them over time.

Try getting into the habit of just talking to girls. It doesn’t have to be about trying to seduce her.

Just make general conversation. The kind of conversation that you would have with your friends. Of course, stay away from vulgar conversation.

If you just make the effort to talk to more girls, you will notice that some of them will start initiating conversations with you as time goes on and they become more comfortable with you.

If they talk to you, just be yourself and respond to what they are saying naturally.

Use humor to infuse some fun and lightheartedness to your conversations.

Just keep it simple.

Be true to your character and there will be girls that you interact with who will ultimately like you and want to date you.

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