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If you don’t have any substantive information about them on snapchat to go on, you could send them an ice breaker question.

An effective ice breaker question normally provides insight into how this person thinks, who they are as a person and what they like.

Since you have no substantive information on this person, it would have to be more of a general ice breaker, but it could still relate to an activity that you love.

Think about the kinds of activities that you would want a potential girlfriend to engage in with you. Then come up with a fun ice breaker question in reference to it.

For example, you may love listening to music.

You can come up with a fun ice breaker in reference to this such as:

“What song is completely stuck in your head right now?”

This is a much more intriguing way to open up a conversation with a girl as opposed to saying, “Hi, how’s it going?”

By using a good ice breaker as your starting point, you increase the chances of grabbing her attention and giving her a reason to respond.

Using the activities that you enjoy or what you may think about often as a reference point, you can come up with a bunch of different ice breaker questions that you can try on different girls.

If you practice this diligently and test a variety of these types of questions, you will start getting better responses from girls that you meet on snapchat.

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