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Hi Leah,

You may be overthinking it.

Indeed, the COVID-19 situation has caused difficulties when it comes to meeting up with someone that you may or may not have romantic potential with.

However, if you are enjoying long-lasting conversations when video chatting, there may be good reason to believe that there will be a romantic connection should the both of you eventually meet up.

If you are worried that you would only be wasting your time if you were to speak to him for an extended period of time, you may end up letting go of someone who had romantic potential.

If the conversation fizzles out in a week or so, then the romantic spark wasn’t there.

However, if it persists and does so effortlessly, there is a higher likelihood that there will be a romantic connection.

Try not to be pessimistic and impatient.

Make sure that the time you spend chatting with this person is balanced proportionately with the time you spend engaging with others.

This way, you don’t overdo it.

Manage your time wisely.

Use this time to start new hobbies, connect with people that you may have lost touch with, finish a project or task that you had been procrastinating on, etc.

Again, a healthy balance of priorities.

If you do this, while maintaining a decent amount of interaction with this guy without overdoing it, you may soon come out of this COVID-19 situation sooner than you realize.

Once you get to this point, even if you were to meet this guy and feel no romantic connection, it wouldn’t feel like such a waste of time because you had taken advantage of your time in quarantine and got a lot more accomplished than you ever thought you could.

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