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Hi Andrew,

By ignoring your compliment not once but twice, even after you joked about her not responding to it, she may be trying to send the message that she doesn’t look at you in the same way.

She may have been worried that if she responded to that compliment in a way that was appreciative, you would get the impression that she liked receiving it and that she may feel the same way about you too.

More than likely, she doesn’t want to give you that impression.

She didn’t respond to your second attempt at complimenting her and it was as though she didn’t even read it because she was just hoping that you would stop complimenting her.

There was no change to her mood and she remained in a good mood because she does enjoy talking to you and would like to keep that going.

However, she doesn’t want you to misconstrue her wanting to talk to you as a sign of romantic interest.

It doesn’t appear that she is into you romantically.

It may be best to either just come right out and tell her how you feel about her or accept that all she wants to be is your friend.

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