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Hi Luke,

Thanks for answering my question. She seem to be nervous whenever I am with my co-workers and her still, I do talk with her sometimes but she is avoiding eye contact and looking like she doesn’t really listen to me. Getting distracted all the time like I wasn’t there. Few days ago I went outside for some fresh air out of my workplace she tend to always go with my co-workers (girls) out whenever they go without asking her to come with them. For me is absolutely opposite, she tend to play hard to get looks away a lot and pretend she don’t see me many times at work feels like I did something to her. But whenever I look away for long time she tend to sneak eye on me or side eye just to see if I still look at her which I mostly do since I have crush. Since it lasts now for 6/7 months I think I want to give up on her anyway because she wants to move on and go to college to another city. Maybe that how it should be and it’s not meant to be Luke.

It’s hard to overcome it but I guess time will cure. That’s life.

Thanks Luke, I am watching most of your videos about dating techniques have a good day!

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