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Hi Muhammad Khan,

In the early stages of getting to know a guy or even dating a guy, some girls won’t text first.

It doesn’t mean that they aren’t interested in the guy.

They often do it in order to ensure that they don’t come off as too needy in the early stages and to also determine whether the guy is truly serious about her.

Prior to stopping your texts to her for two weeks, the both of you communicated every two days.

Hence, she was responding to your texts on a regular basis and quickly. This tends to be a good sign.

If she was taking several days or even a week to respond to your texts, then you may be dealing with a girl who truly isn’t interested in you and only told you that she liked you so as to get some attention from you.

Being that she was responding quickly to your texts, it may best to continue initiating texts to her.

Yes, it can get frustrating when the girl isn’t initiating texts. However, you could dealing with the kind of girl that I described earlier.

Keep at it for a while and you could reach a point where she feels comfortable and secure enough with you to initiate a text.

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