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Hi Jeka,

He may have called you “love“ while chatting with you because he wanted to see how you would respond to that.

Being that he asked you whether you love him a month ago and you told him that you did and then told him that you don’t know afterward, he’s not entirely certain about whether you love him.

By calling you “love” when chatting to you the last two times, he most likely wanted to see if you would call him “love” back or if you would just tell him that you love him.

In other words, he is fishing to see whether you do love him.

Clearly, finding this out is important to him because he did ask you whether you loved him a month ago.

He may have reached a point in his long-term relationship with you where he wants to see whether there’s an actual future with you as far as a committed relationship is concerned.

Knowing this for certain could help him determine whether he should stay on in the relationship or not.

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