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Hi Madison,

You know what you tend to be attracted to and if all the men that approach you in real life or online aren’t the kind that you would be physically attracted to, that doesn’t mean that you’re being picky.

Your best option here may be to take a really good account of what your body language is like in real life and how well your dating profile represents your personality.

You should look at these two areas first and foremost very closely.

If you tend to walk around with body language that is closed off, there’s a good chance that you may not attract the kind of men that you would be attracted to.

Instead, you may attract the kind of men who have nothing to lose by approaching you and those kind of men may not be physically attractive to you.

So, try to do some work on your body language in making it more open.

Yes, you would still have men that you’re not physically attracted to approaching you, however, you would also increase the chances of being approached by men that you are physically attracted to.

Some effective ways to improve your body language when it comes to attracting the right kind of men would be to practice making more eye contact with people in general and smiling.

This makes you look more approachable.

As far as your dating profile, perhaps take some time to inject some of your personality into it, such as humor, silliness, sarcasm or intuitiveness.

Just think about what your friends, family or coworkers tend to tell you about what your personality is like and try to inject that into your dating profile in both your bio and in the kinds of pictures that you post.

There’s a good chance that if you pay this kind of attention to your dating profile, you will attract the right kind of men to you.

You should also try not to be discouraged in the fact that you have made attempts to initiate contact with some of the men that you find attractive on dating apps and they have either taken forever to respond or have never responded.

You should continue being proactive in initiating messages to men that you find attractive on these dating apps.

Perhaps, you should start taking account of the kinds of messages that you have sent these men in the past.

You may increase the chances of getting responses to your messages or getting them quicker if you send an open-ended question that relates to something compelling that the man included on his dating profile as opposed to just sending him a generic message such as “Hi,” or “Hey.”

Putting in the work on your body language, your dating profile and the types of messages that you initiate to the men that you find attractive on dating apps could make a major difference in your dating life and change it for the better.

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