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Hi Brandon,

Yes, you are overthinking this to the point where you could mess things up.

So far, she has been responsive to you.

She responded when you hit her up on social media.

She has regularly responded to your text messages and has even initiated a text message to you.

The fact that she flirts with you also indicates that she is most likely attracted to you.

You’re allowing your insecurities from past relationships to cloud your judgment. It’s really important that you let those past relationships go, so as not to mess things up with this girl.

Remember that you are dealing with a totally new person and there’s a good chance that she may be different from what you have experienced in the past.

Just allow this interaction to lead wherever it’s going to lead naturally without you overcomplicating things by making yourself believe that she’s not being real.

Quarantine has really complicated things for people who want to meet up in real life on a date.

You should take this into account when you worry about whether she is just messaging you because she’s bored.

Due to the quarantine, most people at this time don’t really have much choice but to communicate through texts, video chats and phone calls, until they have an opportunity to finally meet each other.

This being said, you should also avoid making this girl out to be more than what she really is.

Remember that she is a human being with flaws like anybody else.

Hence, don’t put her on a pedestal.

As long as you’re able to remain grounded and avoid building her up to a level in your mind that is impossibly high, you’ll be able to approach your interaction with her with the right temperament and consequently avoid being too overly anxious or eager.

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