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Why she doesn’t want to quit our social group after what happened between us?

You joined a group for people who are dealing with a lot of issues. She probably would have quit the group whether you were involved with her or not. Those situations are scary and can often trigger things in people. Plus she may be going through something personally (like social anx and other teen problems)

Is it because she doesn’t care or she’s still might have feelings for me?

It may be too much for her. She asked for a group instead she left with a potential boyfriend. Younger people tend to be less sure of themselves. Maybe she isn’t ready for all that.

Why she talks to every person in our group besides me?

She’s avoiding you because she may not know how to explain her feelings because she doesn’t really know what they are.

Is it because she feels uncomfortable near me or she hates me or feel hurt by me?

It not you, ITS HER.

And finally: do I have a chance with her in the future maybe if the both of us stay in the group and we keep being “in touch”

I think one of the best things that you can do is to let her be. She may miss you eventually. Give her your email if she never wants to talk but NEVER tell her that she can talk to you about other guys.

or if she will turn 16 soon or grow up a bit?

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