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just be yourself
is not something bad/uncommon to be inconfortable about saying things like this.
i am only thinking hope this helps
1.if you really wanna say his name, try saying it in from of a mirror a couples of times, or you can practice this thing with a friend, guess what is just a matter of yourself you just are in your confort zone and when you get yourself out that is what is hard, but not imposible, you just need a bit of motivation ^_^
2. if in your head says i wanna say his name just count till 5 then do it, i know is sounds a bit weird but that can work. i know it can be hard. i was there i couldn’t do a lot of social interacion before and now after i’ve tryed a lot of things (make me do things i don’t like/like felled emberased to go talk to girls,or even say hy to peoples that may or not know)and now i can do it better is just that you are not maybe normal with it.
don’t forget be you, be kind to yourself, everything will be alright you don’t have to be scared of this, because you are strong ^_^.
let’s keep in touch and hope this messages helps you ^_^ . ‘hugs’ ^^

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