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maybe she has a bad time. try understand that bad things can happen to all people, just be there for here try talk in a supportive way,tell her that anytime she needs someone to talk to you will be there,make her fell that she can relie on you. if things don’t get well in some time, they can be more things beside this, other things that bumb in my head
, it can be that she lost interest in you, it can be that she can just test you, or you can be you are a too nice guy
if she start open to you eventually try telling her you like her, i know it can be hard but maybe she has to know… and you to know that you will can like her more cause you know if she likes you(also this doens’t means she need to like you back 100% to go out) maybe you can see face to face and talk what about the bad things that she was in the mood she was a bit mean like you sayd

hope helps, this is just my personal opinion, from personal experience. i wanna know what will happen please get me a replay asap things start to going on in any other way with this girl ^^, also don’t fell bad if she rejects you is normal, oh and btw i am not some experience person with any degree in psihology or so on, so what i say here is just some tips/fact like a buddy buddy talk.
keep it up, don’t rush things, don’t be desperate(like i was and now i regret) and good luck and also have fun (i a good way). and don’t worry thigns will be fine ^^

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