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Hi Emma,

A lack of conversation with matches is a big part of what can make online dating frustrating. There are a lot of guys on dating apps who swipe right on just about every dating profile they are presented with in an attempt to play the numbers game.

They receive a certain amount of matches due to all that swiping and then are able to decide whether they want to start a conversation with the girl or not. They see your dating profile and decide to pass because you aren’t cute enough or whatever their reasoning is.

They had never taken a true look at your dating profile beforehand. They were just swiping indiscriminately in the hopes of landing as many matches as possible.

The few guys here and there that you are able to muster some kind of conversation with that quickly dies out, like the guy that you talked to for 6 days whose uncle died, had low level interest to begin with.

They weren’t very interested. They just had a few conversations to keep their options open, but they were much more interested in other matches.

You have the right idea in using these people’s bios to filter them out. Something that they all almost always have in common in their bios is a lack of detail and description. Lots of short sentences that never go into much detail or storytelling.

These are the guys who hurriedly created their dating profile with no real thought about conveying who they truly are through elaborate descriptions of their life experiences, etc.

Short and unfulfilling, like empty calories. That is what their bios feel like after reading them. Avoiding as many of these types of bios as possible saves you a lot of time and effort on guys who are time wasters. Focus on the bios that have a lot of substance and personality to them.

Start conversations with these guys. Being proactive in online dating serves you a lot better than just waiting around in the hopes that your matches send you messages. The consistent practice of being proactive ultimately garners you great conversations with some great dating prospects.

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