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Hi Joshua,

As an average guy, you make your dating profile stand out when you use quality pictures that show you participating in activities that you love. Have lots of them. Make sure that they tell a story.

If you traveled somewhere interesting, post high quality pictures about that trip showing you participating in fun activities. This creates a picture in a girl’s mind of what your life and personality must be like and she could easily become taken by those pictures.

Though average looking, those pictures make you become so much more attractive, especially if she also loves to travel or has been to the location that you are showing yourself pictured in.

Don’t be too strict in your fear of posting shirtless pictures of yourself. As much as shirtless pictures get a bad rap, they can actually be highly effective in getting a girl’s attention.

Studies have shown that women do pay extra attention to dating profiles that have shirtless men. Women are visual too. It’s just that men go overboard with their shirtless pictures, using them in a way that provides very little constructive context, besides the intent of showing off their physique.

That is where they make the mistake. You can still post shirtless pictures as long as you are involved in something that makes sense while shirtless.

A shirtless picture while snorkeling or scuba diving is a very effective way to use one. It shows you participating in a fun, physical activity. It makes sense that you would be shirtless doing an activity like this.

By using shirtless pictures in this way, you come off as a guy with a lot more substance than if you were just standing around shirtless just posing for the camera.

As an average guy, a shirtless picture is a good way to show off your physique. It gives her another dimension to you. If you are fit, a shirtless picture done right can go a long way in scoring you some extra points with her and making your dating profile stand out.

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