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Hi Jeffrey,

It can be frustrating when you come across so many dating profiles where people are wearing sunglasses. When 70 percent or more of the person’s dating profile photos shows them wearing sunglasses, it isn’t too farfetched to start wondering whether this person is truly serious about finding a relationship partner. After all, why cover half of your face in the majority of your dating profile photos?

Many people do this because they haven’t bothered to take better photos. They feel comfortable in sunglasses. They are not comfortable with the prospect of allowing you to see a lot of what they really look like behind the sunglasses.

Sometimes, this is a result of shyness, other times, it’s a result of people who have taken the anonymity of online dating too far. They still have reservations about online dating and believe that they need to protect their identity as best they can by wearing sunglasses in the majority of their photos.

Although, you are right in that, anyone doing something like this needs to fix it, some of them still have success in getting attention from people on dating apps.

Regardless of the sunglasses, they are able to attract people often because they still look good in their photos. For people who are experiencing success like this, despite a majority of their photos showing them wearing sunglasses, they are not about to change their behavior any time soon.

On the other hand, those who do this and receive next to no attention soon learn that they need better photos. They learn this lesson the hard way. This bodes well for people like you who hope to find more dating profiles with people who are not wearing sunglasses.

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